Material, coloury and shape in perfect harmony


Modern kitchens, oriented towards international design kitchen trends, live from the masterly composition of material and shape, colour and light, surface and degree of shine – and more and more often from how they feel to the touch. All convincingly presented at the LEICHT fair stand at Eurocucina 2014 in Milan.

Kitchen architecture follows the laws of harmony and proportion. The combination of different materials and colours accentuates the particular design concept, draws attention to vertical and horizontal lines and makes certain areas of the kitchen a focus. Visual asymmetries can also be achieved by combining two different colours or materials. Suspense and vitality can also be created by the combination of authentic materials:

wood, lacquer, glass, and laminate in harmoniously coordinated colours. The kitchen becomes a homely living space. Worktops are lightweight and delicate, almost floating. Tone-on-tone or in the same material as the kitchen fronts. This results in the deliberate block effect of the free-standing work centres. Pastel-coloured details, such as variable shelving elements, invigorate the kitchen with lighter touches. The current colour range is very much geared to non-colours or non-colourful colours and nature: wood (particularly oak variants, but also walnut), different shades of grey (sand grey, dust grey, basalt grey), white with a hint of colour (cashmere, mohair, arctic, frosty white) and warm natural colours (such as sepia brown) look sophisticated and quietly elegant.

Kitchen furniture is increasingly becoming an integral part of the living area, transitions from one living area to the next are flowing and often no longer perceptible. The kitchen is becoming the centre of living and being.


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