On 17th October represented a milestone in the history of LEICHT Kitchens.  Your attendance made a considerable contribution to the so wonderfully carefree and spirited event. More than 1,200 guests were able to live and experience the esprit of the LEICHT brand. We enjoyed having you with us and celebrating with you. You can also visit the special homepage at and enjoy a virtual tour through the LEICHT Kitchens | WELT.
The lounge at LEICHT Kitchens | WELT is intended to provide a place of peace and comfortness for all visitors . The enjoyment is made perfect with easy to use audio and video control via smartphone. As a final highlight there is the cozy fire in the fireplace . A successful implementation of the vision . The effect is obvious.
Function – Elegance – harmony . The core of the brand LEICHT. From 17 October we will proove this claim fully and at the highest level of evidence . Leicht Kitchens with sophisticated function. Materials that emit a high quality and elegance. Combinations and configurations that create a harmonious atmosphere throughout the entire kitchen space.
The way to the top is steep. We have built a beautiful staircase . Implemented by our apprentices in months of meticulous work . 56 steps lead upstairs. So for all who like it more relaxed – we do have an elevator . The oak used in the lining may be used in many other places in the home as well. As a table in the meeting room , as counter at the bar , and much more. Find out yourself.
A free space , which extends over two floors , is the ideal space for amazing light sceneries. Fifteen hand- crafted lights by a Spanish manufacturer create this space and conjure a generous and impressive atmosphere. Especially in the evening and at night . Just gorgeous .

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