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WE CAN JOURNEY FOR HALF A LIFETIME BEFORE WE FINALLY DISCOVER OUR STYLE, Kitchens from LEICHT are a reflection of human individuality and a sign of personal style. They are an invitation to a creative play with the effects of surfaces, the mix of materials, the possibilities in design. For over 80 years, LEICHT Kitchens of Germany has embodied kitchen design as a reflection of changing fashion and as a response to our changes in lifestyle. Our flagship store at 76 Penshurst Street, Willoughby, Sydney, will excite and inspire with its attention to meticulous German craftsmanship and functionality.

LEICHT Kitchens puts great value on form, design and innovation - proven by many international awards, and is sought in over 40 countries worldwide by people who know what they want but who are also open to inspiration and further individual expression.

LEICHT's expertise lies not only on in kitchen innovation and design, but also in the manufacture of complementary joinery - vanities, robes, entertainment units and other individual furniture items. Available Australia wide, LEICHT now makes luxury affordable for even the more discerning buyer.

As German trained designers, we pride ourselves on our professional expertise. A Leicht kitchen design by one of our highly proficient designers incurrs an investment of $950. This value will be deducted from the kitchen price once the purchase is agreed to.

With a LEICHT kitchen one can create rooms - individually to the highest order - responding to the requirements and needs of the owner whilst paying attention to the finest detail. Highest priority is given here to the development, production and marketing of complex design concepts, which incorporate the entire living area.

The name LEICHT, rich in tradition, stands for value and durability, aesthetic quality and modernity but also for honesty and transparency in the use of the materials and ecological manufacturing method.

Leicht by Smooth Design is a distributor of Leicht Kitchens Germany and is an independently owned company.



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Concrete, a very special material for people who want to reduce their living environment to essentials read more...


In 2014, and for the third time, LEICHT is again able to proudly carry the desired title which awards read more...


Modern kitchens, oriented towards international design trends, live from the masterly composition of read more...

Interior Fitments


where Design and Lifestyle merge harmoniously


Black oak with metal applications – classy materials and modern design even inside. read more...


Classically modern with a top-quality appearance, the material combination consisting of light. read more...

Wood Veneer

Together with perfect accessibility, all ready to hand. This all requires a well thought out interior read more...

Synthetic Material

LEICHT offers plastic cutlery trays for drawers up to 120 cm width, using the storage area to its best read more...


And pleasantly diffused room lighting. The AMBIENCE cupboard lighting system from LEICHT can be read more...


The new modular LEICHT niche system MODO focuses on the exciting contrast of metal and natural wood. read more...



A quick tour of our projects around the world.

Bronte Beach | Australia

Designer: Marc Hochstadt

To create a quality space where the choice of materials will be kept to a minimum to reflect quality and read more...

Ermatingen | Switzerland

tecARCHITECTURE / Heiko Ostmann

A myriad of changing light and colour moods on the Bodensee, sunrise in the bedroom read more...

Waldenbuch | Germany

Architect / Klaus Von Bock

The brief for the architect was to create a house in which people might live unison with nature read more...

Karlsruhe | Germany

Baurmann.Dürr Architekten / Henning Baurmann

A dream plot: idyllically placed at the edge of the wood, with a wonderful view over fields read more...

Vaduz | Liechtenstein

Architect / Hermann Boss

The fascinating view into the Liechtenstein alpine world, which will never be obstructed, read more...

Martelange | Belgium

Massiv-Passiv / Patrick Meisch

Extensive coniferous forests are characteristic of the Belgian Ardennes region read more...

California L.A. | USA

Design*21 / Roger Kurath

From the outside it seems reserved and self-contained but inside surprisingly open, read more...

Kaohsiung City | Taiwan

UrbanSpaceDesign Co. / Keng-Fu Lo

Living and working with a spectacular view of the city and harbour of Kaohsiung, read more...



Modern kitchen design for contemporary living Jörg Adrian from Aschaffenburg, had the honour of being given first place in the MHK/ZuhauseWohnen-Competition for the "most beautiful German kitchen of the year 2014"

The Reddot Design Award

With more than 11,000 submissions from 61 countries, the international "reddot design award" is the largest and most renowned design competition in the world. The reward is a seal of quality; it stands for membership of the best in design and business.
  • 2004/2005/2006/2008

Trends Magazine Award

"This prestigious collection of some of the best projects from around the world is compiled and researched by Trends, based on criteria of excellence in design, function, product specification and style."
-Xtrend Magazine-
  • 2013/2014

Interior Innovation Award

The award gives prominence to outstanding achievements in the furnishing sector. In addition to design and technology, this includes new kinds of material and solutions in detail, as well as outstanding product concepts and success in the market.
  • 2006/2008/2011/2013

iF Product Design Award

The iF product design awards represent an annual distinction for products which succeed especially well in combining functionality with convenience and esthitics as well as in satisfying the requirements for innovation. As a "seal of design excellence".
  • 2006/2008/2009/2011/2013

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