Martelange | Belgium



Patrick Meisch, Designer

Extensive coniferous forests are characteristic of the Belgian Ardennes region. The solidly built passive-house, close to Martelange, echoes this material within its facade, thus creating a strong connection with the landscape. A sustainable indigenous construction material was used for insulation: namely straw. The external elevation appears closed, the windows behind the wooden shutters become visible only as darkness sets in. At the back the house opens up on two floors to the garden and the beautiful view. Inside and outside merge.

Programme 01
Programme 02
Electric appliances

LARGO-FG | FG 120 frosty white
AVANCE-FG | FG 120 frosty white
779.000 kick-fitting
Corian, colour: glacier white
Corian, model: Fonatana
Dornbacht, model: Lot
Siemens | Novy
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